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You will notice some web site changes at OSSCA.org starting on 8 May, 2012.

The OSSCA.org web site is being redisgned and reorganized.  After discussions with the OSSCA board, we have come up with a new design to help make the site easier to navigate and present information.

The migration is a 2-year plan.  The first year and currently migrated portion is complete (though tweaks will surely occur).  The content of the OSSCA web site is currently moved and includes organization and district information, news items, information posts (i.e. looking for games, scrimmages), education area, and other items.  The 2nd half of this migration/move will involve the coaches area, as well as the schedules/results information.

So, you will bounce between the "old" and "new" depending on what you are looking at.  Don't be alarmed if you see the design change when you (as a coach) go into the coaches admin area, or simply look at scores and schedules.  This piece will be brought over into the new web site after the 2012 season has concluded and everything will be housed under one design.

New web site is still located at http://www.ossca.org and that URL will still work, but you will be redirected to the temporary area which is http://ossca.altersoccer.net/ for the site itself.  This is merely a temporary location until the full migration is completed.

If you have an questions or issues, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information.


OSSCA Web Team

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